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We specialize in marketing, transcreation, branding and location.

For this reason, isn’t it worth translating presentations, advertisements, websites into the languages of your current and potential clients? Isn’t it important, when thinking about entering a new market, to be able to immediately introduce yourself in the language that is spoken there?

I speak the foreign language fairly well; why don’t I just do it myself?

A writer writing in a language which is foreign to him will inevitably produce a text which sounds awkward to native speakers of that language. Every awkwardly used phrase, inappropriate word or inconsistent stylistic choice shows that this was not produced by a language professional, and takes the reader’s attention away from what they should be focusing on – your message.

My cousin lived abroad for several years; maybe he can do it for free?

Are you sure that your cousin speaks a given language as well as those who have spoken it since they were born? Is he a specialist in the translation subject matter? Is he aware of the cultural conditions and the target readership sufficiently to be able to do the translation? Is he sure that his translation will not contain errors, as these are unacceptable in business texts?

I know an inexpensive translator; can I save some money?

We commission specialists in our own language to produce original texts, so why would we do otherwise when producing texts from foreign language material (i.e. translating)? To be a translator, you need to be a professional with relevant specialist knowledge, and not just know how to speak the language. As with any profession, good translators tend to be more expensive.

How can I be sure that the translation will be of the highest quality if I don't speak the language the text is translated into?

We employ only verified translators with extensive experience, and only native speakers of the target language. These are not just linguists who speak their language fluently, but also experts in their subject matters.

Maybe the translation can be done by a computer?

Anyone who has clicked on “Translate page” in order to read, for example, a Russian language website in English, will know that it can be a useful way to quickly get a rough idea of meaning, even if large parts are often still not understandable. They will also know that if the website were actually published with that same quality of English, they would have little or no faith in the company behind it. To build your reputation, attract clients and increase profits your offer needs to be taken seriously.

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