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We specialize in marketing, transcreation, branding and location.


Monika Rozwarzewska

Language Services Manager

A sociology graduate and former journalist engaged in the translation business for well over a decade. With a portfolio of more than 30 book translations for Poland’s largest publishing houses, Monika is a linguist to the bone, a librocubicularist cursed with abibliophobia who loves nothing more than to curl up with a tome on translation studies, or take a leisurely stroll through a dictionary. As the offspring of two mountain guides she suffers from genetically itchy feet and has an active interest in diving and Tai Chi. She is also interested in social psychology.

Jacek Gorliński

Managing Director

With well over a decade’s management experience in safety, risk and financial management, Jacek has a thorough background in developing both businesses and business relationships. A man of action who enjoys an active life, he is passionate about off-road rally where he not only drives but also co-organises events, as well as being a skier and diver. His less risky hobbies include photography and amateur radio.


Natalia Partykowska

Project Manager

With a childhood love of books and music, Natalia looked destined for a life of cultural studies, but instead opted for romance languages, although she loves anything English. She likes to work with texts – creating, revising, editing. Had she been born earlier she would have been a flower child, or perhaps one of the Brontë sisters. She is a lover of nature and traditional letters, cats and tea. She also practises Slavic Yoga.


Assistant Project Manager

He wanders around the area providing absolutely no help at all, and even refuses to drink coffee. He is a poor translator, but does look distinguished. His main task in the office is to sit at the Project Manager’s desk in his absence. Unfortunately, he most likely will not respond to your emails. We have tried.

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