Certified translator

– a person of public trust, who specializes in the translation of e.g. process documents, official documents and certification of foreign extracts of such documents as well as certified translation or copy of the translation prepared by other persons. Certified translators use their official seal, stating the name and surname of the translator as well as the language they are authorised to translate to and from and the translator’s number in the official register of certified translators. All certified (sworn) translations prepared by a certified translator must state the number under which the translation is recorded in a repertory (certified translator’s register) as well as must include an information whether the translation was made on the basis of an original document, a translation, a certified copy or a copy. If the translation is made on the basis of a copy it must be stated whether the copy or the translation is certified and if it is, specify the certifying entity. A certified translator also acts as an interpreter as well as reviews and certifies translations from a foreign language to Polish or from Polish to a foreign language made by another person and prepares certified copies of documents prepared in foreign language as well as checks and certifies copies of documents prepared by another person. certified translators draw up translations on the order of private parties and at the order of state bodies (courts of law, police, prosecutor etc.). Performing the profession of a certified translator in Poland is regulated by the Certified Translator Act binding since January 27, 2005.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Certified translations offered by our company are always certified by a certified translator in accordance with legal regulations binding in this scope. They possess a seal and a signature of the translator. In the translation, apart from the content, seals and stamps are described, official information, signatures, water marks etc.