5 Good Reasons to Translate Your Website

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The great thing about the Internet is people from all over the world can access it, and it makes it easier than ever before to do business globally. However, as there is no single universal language in use that can reach all markets it means there are some markets you’re not reaching with a single language website.

Want to learn more? Read on for 5 good reasons to translate your website.

  1. More Languages Mean More Customers

If you are a UK-based business 90% of internet users are located outside the UK, and most of them don’t speak English well enough to fully understand the content of your offer and be persuaded by it. In fact there are many people living in the UK itself who are also not proficient in English.

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Customers are easier to reach and persuade when you speak to them in their own language. Even if they speak English as a second language, they may feel more comfortable shopping or finding useful information in their own language. For this reason, offering your website pages in other languages will increase your reach. In fact, you could be increasing your audience by millions!

The same is true for any business anywhere in the world. Your local customers are just the tip of a much bigger iceberg. When you decide to translate your website, you are stepping into their world and looking to grow your business beyond your borders.

2. You Are Easier To Find When You Translate Your Website

Have you already invested in digital marketing efforts like SEO? Then you know it is extremely important to make your website easy to find via search engines. Consider, web searches are made in many different languages and it’s a lot easier to rank high in those search results when your site has a native-language version for Google to index.

For example. Suppose someone in Germany (a big German company) is looking for a website translation. What they will ask Uncle Google isn’t “website translate” nor “translation agency”. They will be looking for these terms in German. And if they search for “Übersetzungsbüro“, you will not show up in search results unless your website is localised into German.

3. International Customer Engagement

Online marketing gives you an incredible opportunity to engage with your customers to learn what impact your products and services are making. Likewise a multilingual website will enable you to tap into this valuable source of information as well.

4. Continued Growth

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Inevitably you will eventually saturate the market for potential customers who speak your native language. Going multilingual is an effective way to pursue further growth without engaging in head-to-head competition. The first stage is planning the target markets and what is needed in terms of what language(s) to translate first. If on the other hand you are not opposed to competing directly with other businesses in your industry you can get ahead of your competition if you translate your site and enter a new language market before they do.

5. Brand Recognition Does NOT Cross Language Barriers

According to Harvard Business Review, customers will pay a premium to work with businesses who speak their native language.

  • 72.1% of consumers spend most or all of their time on websites in their own language.
  • 72.4% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language.
  • 56.2% of consumers said the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price.

Unless you’re speaking to customers in their own language, it’s extremely difficult to cultivate the trust that is the foundation of a positive brand relationship. You need to literally translate your brand to make vital inroads into new markets.

Now you know why you should have your website localised for other markets, there is one VERY IMPORTANT thing to remember: it is not enough to simply have your website translated into the language of your desired market – it should be localised by a reputable translation agency. The following case study explains why:

“I was once approached by a Lithuanian company which wanted to sell their beautiful jewellery in Poland. They already had all the content of their online shop translated into Polish and the person who performed this service was a native speaker of Polish. However, business didn’t go well. They had visitors on their website but no sales at all. So they asked me for an audit. Here’s what I discovered: the translator might have been a native speaker of Polish, but a very poor one. I guessed this person was living in Lithuania (there is a big minority of Polish people there because once this territory was Polish and some of my compatriots stayed there, and they speak archaic Polish) who had no idea about specific terms used by Polish people in Poland for online shopping. So the language of the company’s online shop was archaic, unnatural, and there were a lot of errors. I retranslated their website and sales started to come in. In addition to payment I received a very nice thank-you gift – a pair of earrings”. ~Monika Rozwarzewska, Language Service Manager at From-To Limited.

We can translate/localise your website into the language of your choice to help you maximise your audience and avoid additional costs. To find out more and how the process works, reach out to us!

Meeting Room Echoes – ACME Company

Meeting Room Echoes – ACME Company

boss hd Meeting Room Echoes   ACME CompanyDirector: Good morning everyone. My name is Roger Haffnor; I am acting director for ACME.

This, as you know, is our last meeting of the year.  It is an all-department meeting as we wanted each department to share positive and negative experiences so that we can all learn from them.  It is also the perfect time to update our supplier lists.

It must be said that we set the bar a bit high this year, but are agreeably surprised with individual department results, which together add up to very positive results for ACME.

In a nutshell, we are growing, blooming and becoming more successful thanks to you and your great work.  We have entered markets we never dreamed of five years ago.  All I can say is thank you!

So, I am going to call on you department by department and ask you to quickly mention positive experiences and particularly helpful suppliers, as well as those suppliers with whom you have had negative experiences.  It is through sharing this type of information that our company can grow solidly and consistently.  Ok, let’s get started here…. who wants to go first?

Yes, Humphrey, go ahead.  Please tell us what department you work in and describe briefly your experience…

Humphrey: Yes, hi, I am Humphrey Briggs from Sales.  It has been a year of ups and downs for us.  Mostly we have tried to streamline product specs and make them appeal to target audiences.  We reached out to market experts and one particular supplier that helped us immensely was a translation agency called From-To.  They were the ones to encourage subtle changes in our product documentation so that it would have greater appeal to the target audience, and in particular, in this case, South America.

We are already seeing the results here, so I highly recommend this supplier.

Another supplier we used with great success was…

Director: Thanks, Humphrey.  Now who would like to go?  OK, go ahead, Dorothy.

Dorothy: Hi, thanks Mr. Haffnor; my name is Dorothy Jones and I am from the legal department.  We too have had much luck with the same translation company as Sales;  From-To.  They were really a great partner for this and more than just translating, were also able to advise us in legal-related business matters for the Arab countries, in particular.  They work with a team of native experts, which really came in handy.  Since they offer such a great mix of skills, I cannot recommend them enough.

Now we did have an issue in our department this past quarter and…

Director: Thank you, Dorothy for this invaluable information.  Who would like to go next?

OK, please state your name, yes, you.

Cindy: OK, hello everyone one, my name is Cindy Angler and I work in publications. Since we are in the process or redefining and simplifying company-wide product documentation and packaging, we also have been working with copywriters and translators to give more user-friendliness and attractiveness and cut out superfluous jargon for the Asian markets.  What is now being produced is highly aesthetic and pleasing as much as it is useful and succinct.

We worked with a couple of freelance translators whom we had already used in the past, but we too relied on the skills and expertise of the agency From-To as they were able to pick up bigger loads and were able to offer a greater reach than our typical stable of freelance translators.  I can’t recommend this agency enough.

Director: Thank you, Cindy.

Thank you for sharing all.  It sounds like From-To is definitely worth adding to your supplier lists.  Now, we shall reconvene after a quick lunch break.  See you back here at 2 o’clock.

 The heat is on. The rise of the overseas market.

 The heat is on. The rise of the overseas market.

WA 14101 U.S. Oil Carries More Weight  The heat is on. The rise of the overseas market.

In July this year the Telegraph printed an exciting report on the rise of UK exports as businesses delve into non-EU markets. It sourced its information from the ONS and described the successes as ‘world beating’. The British like to think of ourselves as taking an important role in the wider world economy and as a nation we have invented and delivered many exciting new ideas globally. It is a bit of a tradition for the British, a ‘maritime nation’, to continue to explore overseas.

Of course we are still busy within the EU – and although the press like to warn us about the uncertainty of our trading future, as politics and economics bring fresh news stories and debates, one thing is certain: there are big, fresh opportunities out there and the businesses that are quick and keen enough to take advantage of them are the ones that are going to go places. If you are reading this, you are probably one of them already.

Translations agencies and linguists are feeling the benefit of this rise in overseas trade too: your success is our success. We know that you will be seeking to get your message across in a clear and concise way, whether this is on a website, in a brochure or a detailed contract. It seems that the bigger a business grows, the more it needs to localise its content, and world-dominating companies such as as Microsoft are translating into very diverse languages to market their wares.

You may not be aiming to talk in Maya just yet, but if you have got your sights set on the growing markets in the Middle and Far East, for example, or you want to engage in trade in South America, you may want to talk to us first. After all, we share common interests and goals.