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From – To LTD Translation Agency pride themselves on the fact they are a fully credited (Registered ATC Member), able to offer a full range of certified and official translation services. Carried out in a professional, fast and efficient manner, we are able to meet a wide variety of translation requirements. Being a certified member of The Association of Translation Companies guarantees peace of mind for the customer, and absolute assurance in the quality of translation carried out.

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If you require a certified translation from a top translation company, then look no further. At From – To LTD Translation Agency our aim is to deliver the highest quality certified translations and we’re proud to hold the ISO 17100 standard in the industry.

As certified translators, we can provide our customers with fully accredited documents, both in the United Kingdom and internationally. Adhering to all the necessary legal guidelines, you can rest assured that the translation you’re receiving meets all the required legal guidelines and is recognised and accepted by a variety of government bodies, including the Home Office, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, UK Passport Office, NARIC, academic institutions, consulates, educational organisations, Courts of Law and a number of other official institutions.

As an officially credited translation company, we can provide you with an official and legally recognised certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing the certified translation you receive is an accurate and true representation of the original document. Issued and signed on our company’s letterhead paper, we can also provide you with your own copy of the official document as well as the translation.

Certified translations are normally required when submitting legal documents: for example, birth, marriage certificates or documents intended for official use, such as contracts or patents. You may be asked by an official body, such as Courts of Law or the Home Office, to provide a certified translation of their original documents, and it’s vitally important that this is a notarized translation that can be backed up by the certificate of authenticity. Understanding what constitutes a ‘certificate translation’ can be confusing, and that’s where our professional, fast and efficient service comes in, and we guarantee to handle your documents with the strictest confidentiality. There are generally two types of recognised certified translation: ‘standard’ and ‘notarized’. In most cases, a standard certified translation can be used for full legal use within the United Kingdom. It is delivered officially signed and stamped by the translator/translation company together with a cover letter, giving full details. This can be treated as a proof of accuracy, which ensures that all your documents are easily recognized and accepted at all government offices and departments.

There is a number of reasons why a translation may need to be officially certified, and generally, any document that needs to be translated and used for legal purposes – birth, marriage certificates, etc. – will have to be certified. Fully compliant in the UK, our standard translation service includes a declaration confirming our responsibility for the translation, our accreditation to translate documents and certify, and the fact it is an accurate and professional translation of the original document. The certified translation we provide is dated and includes the original signature of the translator in charge of the project. Even if you fluently speak the languages required, this doesn’t mean your translation is valid, and due to the legal nature of the documents, it is therefore necessary to seek the services of an accredited translation agency, such as ours. To ensure your documents are legally recognized by the necessary UK authorities, they will need to be translated and certified by an officially registered translator and a translation agency that is a member of the ATC (Association of Translation Companies), such as From – To LTD Translation Agency.

Send us a request and you will receive a free quote from one of our expert team within just 30 minutes. Once payment is agreed and made, we’ll start working on the translation straight away. Most documents are completed in 48 hours, depending on word count and language complexity.

The Association of Translation Companies

Formed in 1976 by a small group of leading British translation companies keen to promote the use of professionally produced, high quality, translation work by professional translation companies, the ATC is widely regarded as the leading voice and stands at the forefront of the development of international standards for translation and interpreting.

ATC works to represent the interests of translation companies operating in the UK’s expanding language services industry and is widely regarded as the language sector’s leading professional body. Adopting a forward-thinking stance dedicated to maintaining the highest possible industry standards, it supports its members and ensures they thrive and grow in what is a competitive global economy, which is now home to over 1,200 individual translation institutions.

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