Translations for Finance

FINANSE 300x200 Translations for Finance

Over the last decade one could see that the meaning of globalisation has clearly increased. The scope of work to be done by financial inspectors, chief accountants or financial directors in companies which cooperate or were overtaken by international corporations has increased. Companies participating in international financial turnover know that precise financial translation is necessary if one wants to be sure that this type of communication is conducted in accordance with all the guidelines and that it is properly and lawfully managed.

Although in the past it was sufficient to transmit local reports with small and very general corrections adjusting the document to the reality of a foreign country, currently transparent and reliable financial statements are required more and more often.

Our translation agency understands perfectly that financial translation must be particularly accurate and reliable as well as must adopt characteristic language features for financiers. Numerous acknowledged companies operating in finance and participating in the international turnover of goods and services have trusted in our clear transmission of relevant information in every language. We have translated not only for international corporations, but also for companies dealing with international payment transactions, FX and other.

Financial translation must be unambiguous and transparent and must include precise terminology. Due to paying special attention to the weight of these requirements, our translation agency successfully cooperates with the best experts in financial translation possessing extensive knowledge in specific areas supported with many years of experience gained from working in various financial companies. We ensure the confidentiality of transmitted information and we guarantee that during the financial translation process necessary quality inspections are conducted.

Examples of expertise and documents:

  • banking
  • controlling
  • insurance
  • accounting documents
  • bookkeeping
  • financial statements
  • public finance
  • issuance prospectuses
  • stock exchange
  • loan agreements
  • financial law
  • insurance agreements
  • investments
  • leasing contracts
  • IT systems used in finance industry