Marketing Translations

MARKETING 300x200 Marketing TranslationsWe specialize in marketing translations, transcreation, branding and localization.

Marketing translation is not a simple translation from one language to another, but entails the reflection of the marketing message in the target language with the consideration of its unique cultural traits, specific style and needs of the recipient. This is therefore a service requiring a special manner of thinking on the part of the translator in the creation of a new text in the target language.

For this reason, marketing translations are done by native speakers or translators living in the country in which they use the language the marketing translation will be done into, on a daily basis. This ensures not only the perfect knowledge of the said language, but also the skill of giving it the appropriate style.

Our translators are also familiar with a given market and are specialized in the area the  translation concerns.

while doing marketing translations, we take the customer’s expectations into account and we thoroughly research their recipient, we select the most optimal language version for a given market (e.g. in the US, Spanish in its Mexican variation should be chosen), we remember the specifics of a given language in a given country. For example in European French, certain social groups are more and more tolerant of using words taken from English, which is not the case in Canadian French. Another example: some words in Spanish are commonly used in certain countries, while are deemed as offensive in others.