Medical and Pharmacy Translations

MEDYCZNE I FARMACEUTYCZN 300x198 Medical and Pharmacy Translations

Aware of the importance of accuracy and precision in medicine, where human health or life can depend on the quality of the translation, this very area is of our special attention – equally to the attention that institutions and companies dealing with health protection devote to their patients.

One of our most important expertise is in medical and pharmacy translations. We have implemented numerous large projects for companies in the medical industry. Our translators (physicians, pharmacists, biochemists etc.) and proof-readers possess the highest qualifications confirmed with diplomas and certificates. Due to health and legal hazards which can result from non-precise medical or pharmacy translation, we have introduced strict standards for assessment of one’s own quality of work.

They cover both the process of translator selection and a review of the existing translation. From among the team of experienced and competent linguists and specialists in industry, we select the ones possessing necessary qualifications and knowledge as well as many years of experience which constitutes obligatory prerequisites in order to cooperate with us.

In particular we offer medical and pharmacy translation of the following:

  • medical documentation e.g. case history, prescriptions, diagnoses, documentation of conducted treatment, information concerning patients’ health condition, patients’ declarations, specialist examination protocols;
  • clinical trials;
  • medical texts e.g. scientific theses, medicine manuals, training materials;
  • operation manuals e.g. user manuals of medical appliances, diagnostic devices, surgical instruments;
  • internal documentation of health care institutions, reports from introducing new products etc.;
  • advertising material, leaflets, medical service directories;
  • patient information leaflets defining safety principles of administering medicines or biomedical agents;
  • documentation from clinical and laboratory examination;
  • packaging and labels;
  • medicine registration documents;
  • testing documentation of medicinal products and medical goods.