Technical Translations

TECHNICZNE Technical TranslationsWe possess many years of experience in providing specialized translation in numerous industries including:

  • power engineering
  • electrics
  • electronics
  • automotive industry
  • aviation
  • robotics
  • mechanics
  • automation
  • production and production processes
  • construction
  • civil engineering
  • hardware
  • computer networks
  • modern technologies
  • environmental protection
  • occupational safety and hygiene

Our translators are engineers and specialists in various branches: construction engineers, automation specialists, electricians, mechanics, gas specialists and IT experts. Their professional education guarantees complete legibility of translated texts, use of proper terminology and the jargon of a particular industry. Professionalism is our motto and our distinctive feature.

Our portfolio of performed translations includes, among others, the following documents:

  • technological process descriptions
  • technical documentation
  • terms of reference
  • functional and usable programs
  • environmental decisions
  • contracts
  • user manuals
  • directories
  • standards
  • patents